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In Gibraltar, the healthcare scheme is based on a contributory system called the Group Practice Medical Scheme (“GPMS”). The rules of entitlement to healthcare are set out in the GPMS Act, the Medical (Group Practice Scheme) Regulations (“GPMS Regulations”) and the Medical (Group Practice Scheme) (Contributions) Regulations (“Contributions Regulations”).

Under Gibraltar legislation, there are two classes of persons entitled to be registered under the GPMS: firstly insured persons by virtue of section 4(1) of the Medical GPMS Act and their dependants by virtue of section 3 of the GPMS Act; and, secondly, persons who are “ordinarily resident” in Gibraltar pursuant to section 4(2) of the GPMS Act. ( Laws of Gibraltar.

The scheme allows entitled persons and their dependents to access health care at no charge.

Medicines are available at a cost of £5 per item on the prescription subject to a maximum charge of £15. Dental treatment is only available to children. Adults may be seen for emergency treatment only.

Registration Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

You can also apply online using the eGOG services

Online Health Card application

Please note to use the online form you need to have an eGOV online account

Primary Care Centre Information Leaflet
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