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All women and persons with a cervix should attend for cervical screening (known as a smear) on a regular basis.  If you are between 25 and 65 you will be sent a invitation for screening at the following intervals:

Under 25 up to 6 months before your 25th birthday

25 – 49 should attend every 3 years

50 – 64 Every 5 years

65 or older only if a test was abnormal or if you have symptom  (

It is important to attend your cervical screening appointment even if you do not have any sympotms as this will prevent any possible cancers.   It will also help increase the chances of successful treatment if cancer is detected.


If you have any of the following symptoms between your appointments or even if you are over 65, please contact your GP on +350 20052441 as soon as possible.


Bleeding between periods that is not normal for you

Pain or bleeding during or after intercourse

Changes to the look or smell of your vaginal discharge

Unexplained ongoing pain in the area between the stomach and lower back.


For more information on what cervical screeing is please click on the link below

Screening information


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