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Dental Services

The Dental Clinic provides a wide range of treatment plans.

The full range of dental care includes:

  • Restorative dentistry
  • Prosthetics
  • Orthodontics (braces)
  • Paedodontics (children’s dentistry)

These services are available to those in full time education.

District Medical Service patients are entitled to these services with the exception of Orthodontics. Your GP or GMP can refer you for oral surgery / oral medicine.

These services are provided by:

  • Dental Officer Paedodontic
  • Dental Officer Paedodontics & Orthodontics
  • Dental Officer Paedodontics & DMS
  • Senior Dental Officer Orthodontics
  • Senior Dental Officer Paedodontics & DMS
  • Consultant Orthodontics

A team, composed of seven dental nurses and two receptionists, ably supports them.

Persons undergoing full-time education, on supplementary benefits, or who have been granted exemption, may receive treatment free of charge. Adults registered at the Primary Care Centre, or in possession of an E111, may be treated in case of an emergency and will then be referred back to their General Dental Practitioner.

A dentist is on call out of hours and at weekends, for children and severe dental problems in adults which include – bleeding, facial swelling and trauma. Adults with toothache will be asked to attend the emergency clinic the next day.

Clinic hours Monday to Friday

9.00 – 12.40pm

14.00 – 16.40pm

Out of hours contact calls should be made to the Accident and Emergency Department.

Emergency Clinics

Weekends and Bank Holidays

Children & Adults 9am Dental Clinic 1st Floor St Bernard’s Hospital.

Monday to Friday

Children’s 9am at the Childrens Health Centre Block 9 Europort

Monday to Friday

Adults 11am Dental Clinic 1st Floor St Bernard’s Hospital

For further enquiries telephone number 20072266 EXT 3209 or Email: [email protected]i (for cancellations only).

Contact Details

Children’s Dental Services

Block 9 Europort

Bishop Caruana Road
Tel: 20072266 EXT 3361