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The Legionnaire’s Disease Strategic Coordinating Group reconvened following the receipt of genomic sequencing results to identify lessons learned and discuss future prevention strategies.
The genomic sequencing results confirmed that two of the four recorded cases shared the same source of infection. However, tests of environmental samples were unable to confirm definitely where the source originated. In the absence of further infections, the SCG therefore declared the outbreak closed.
The SCG agreed that whilst testing was unable to identify a source of infection, there are important lessons to be learned about the maintenance and treatment of water systems. The Director of Public Health has written to premises where positive legionella samples were found, requesting risk assessments and assurances regarding proper water system maintenance. Premises using water systems such as misters and air conditioners should ensure that these are checked and flushed, particularly if turning them on after long periods (more than 2 weeks) of not being used.
Members of the public are also advised to make sure to flush any household taps that have not been run for more than 2 weeks, eg. when returning home from holiday. Taps only need to be run for two minutes to safely flush out any harmful bacteria.

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