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Safeguarding Children

Children in care

For some children and young people, entering care becomes the only safe alternative. Children in care often experience poorer outcomes than the general child population across a variety of indicators. This is primarily due to the impact of their early life experience prior to entering care. Indicators affected include educational attainment, school attendance, school exclusion, offending behaviour, mental health, teenage pregnancy and substance abuse.

The Care Agency in Gibraltar is responsible for overseeing child welfare. As far as possible, it enables children to be raised up by their families by providing a range of support services. If you have any concerns with regard to a child’s welfare, please contact : 200 78528

Local statistics on Safeguarding Children

Care Agency records show that referrals to Child Protection Services since September 2022 are as follows:

4 years to 12 years : 196 referrals

13 years to 18 years :110 referrals

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