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No: 136/2024
Date: 28th February 2024

GHA statement on MMR vaccines

The Gibraltar Health Authority has been made aware of an email sent out by Midtown Clinic Gibraltar directly to local schools stating that “the GHA has recently made it obligatory to have both doses of the MMR vaccine”.
The GHA would like to clarify that the longstanding advice has not changed and that the information being provided by Midtown Clinic is factually incorrect. The GHA has NOT made it obligatory to have two doses of the MMR vaccine.
In Press Release 101/2024, the GHA noted the concerning number of measles cases in the United Kingdom and, as a result, began offering MMR vaccines to anyone who has either not had measles or not had two doses of a measles containing vaccine. This is due to the seriousness of the condition which can result in lifelong medical complications and in extreme cases death.
If you suspect that you may have measles, you can call 111 or the Primary Care Centre on 200 72266. Please do not go to A&E for measles-related matters without calling 111 first. Please do not make any GP appointments if you have signs and symptoms of measles without informing the PCC staff first.
The Director of Public Health, Dr Helen Carter, said: “The information being provided to schools by the Midtown clinic is incorrect. I would like to reassure anyone who may have received this communication that although the GHA’s advice is individuals should have two doses of the MMR vaccine, it is not correct to state that this has become obligatory in the GHA.”

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