“Keeping your health at the centre of what we do”

The School of Health Studies

The School of Health Studies offers a range of educational activities. Our programmes are proactive, anticipating not only today’s expectations but tomorrow’s demands; we are dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Based at St Bernard’s Hospital the SHS offers academic excellence to those taking their first steps in healthcare to practitioners with many years’ experience in their field, creating an exciting and innovative learning environment. Our students graduate equipped with the employability skills they need to succeed in a range of healthcare settings along with the foundations for lifelong learning.


There are currently seven members of staff within the School, 1 Head of School, 1 Principal Lecturer (designate), 1 Lecturer, 1 part time Senior Nurse Tutor, 1 school administrator, 1 medical librarian.


Employers, service users and students all contribute to the development of our teaching, which is practice-based and highly responsive to changing health and social care needs. Our staff have extensive publications in high quality journals and as editors or contributors to health and care books. All teaching staff hold approved teaching qualifications. Allied health and social work professional staff from across the GHA further contribute to teaching to provide a multi-professional focus. In addition, practice providers regularly collaborate with School staff in order to enrich the body of expertise available to support student learning.