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Hospital Pharmacy


The primary role of the pharmacy department at St Bernard’s Hospital is to care for patients, through ensuring the best use of medicines, and providing information about medicines to both patients and to the professional care team.

Service Overview

1. Inpatient- dispensary services

A dispensary service is provided from the Pharmacy department to all inpatients. We also provide dispensary services to the community for all ‘hospital dispensed’ prescriptions which includes some controlled drugs.

2. Clinical and ward pharmacy services

Pharmacists carry out regular ward visits to provide pharmaceutical support to patients and clinical staff. Pharmacists check that correct doses of medicines are being prescribed and administered in accordance with UK/local guidelines. They are also a source of advice for staff, and can also help patients by giving advice on medication and counselling on the use of medical devices e.g. Inhalers.

Pharmacists also undertake regular audits of medicines use to help establish guidance and frameworks to support best prescribing practice. Pharmacists also work with consultants to review new medicine requests for the use in the hospital.

Pharmacists undertake risk management to assure patient safety. They work to remove any risks at ward/department level, and also address UK national alerts and guidance to improve practice across the GHA.

3. Mental Health services

Ocean Views Mental Health Facility continues to benefit from a daily supply of medicines and surgical items. There is also a weekly Pharmacist visit to the site and plans are underway to extend these visits so that the Pharmacist can attend doctors’ ward rounds, multi-disciplinary meetings and patient work groups.

4. Oncology services

There are two Oncology Pharmacists based in the Chemotherapy Day Unit providing specialist clinical services to this care setting. They aseptically prepare all chemotherapy medication for patients that attend the day service and for some inpatients too. They provide acute medicines for patients to take home (TTO) following their chemotherapy treatments and also assist in the dispensing of oral chemotherapy medications as well as providing advice and counselling on the use/effects of these medications.

5. Pharmacy stores

Pharmacy stores is where pharmaceuticals are received and distributed to the main pharmacy department, wards and clinics. This is also where members of the community may collect certain surgical items like catheters and stoma appliances.

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Pharmacy stores

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