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Dialysis Unit

The new Dialysis Unit at St. Bernard’s Hospital became fully functional on Monday, 11th July 2005.

The provision of a Dialysis service in Gibraltar means that this vulnerable sector of the community no longer have to travel across a frontier into Spain several times each week to obtain the service in the neighbouring town of La Linea.

The Dialysis Unit incorporates the most modern equipment available and all the facilities necessary for the provision of the Dialysis Service.The Dialysis Unit at St. Bernard’s Hospital is managed and led by a resident Consultant Nephrologist under the Medical and Nursing Directorates.

The Dialysis Unit occupies a prime location within St. Bernard’s Hospital providing the patients with excellent views of the Rock, the Harbour, the Straits and both the Spanish and African coastlines during the prolonged periods of many hours during which they are receiving the dialysis treatment.

The Unit is also equipped with audio visual entertainment facilities for the benefit of the patients.