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Bed Management & ADT

St. Bernard’s Hospital Bed Management & Admission, Discharge & Transfer (ADT) services.

The purpose of effective Bed Management is to improve both the patient experience and the operational efficiency of the Gibraltar Health Authority. Bed Management also includes the administration of admissions, discharges.

In order to achieve this aim, a thorough understanding of the patterns of patient flow and Simple/Complex Discharge issues is essential. Gibraltar is unique not only due to its geographical location but also its Social and Political make-up, which add an alternative dimension to an ever changing and demanding service. St. Bernard’s Hospital has a catchment population of some 32.000 inhabitants, but is also a thriving tourist and financial destination, thereby, increasing this figure by up to 30% on occasions (cross border workforce/cruise liner port). It is the only General Hospital in Gibraltar and therefore is limited to the option of UK and Spain.

Over the last decade Gibraltarian social habits and commitments have changed and subsequently so have the needs of the population when it comes to healthcare. The life expectancy locally is above the European average, but this does not mean that the elderly age problem free. Traditionally, the extended family locally would absorb the care of the elderly relative supported by the limited Social Services available. This has become more difficult in recent times due to many factors; one example is the relatively new social trend in Home Ownership and Mortgages. As a direct result of this financial commitment most couples work, thereby, reducing their ability to care for aging relatives at home.

This is probably the greatest challenge facing Bed Management in the GHA and must be addressed in line with the continuing development of acute services and the philosophy of caring for all GHA emergency, elective and long-stay inpatients in the appropriate therapeutic environment condusive to recovery and palliation through proactive bed management supported by a multidisciplinary approach.


Long-stay patients are defined as patients who no longer have any ongoing medical need, but do require some type of ongoing nursing or rehabilitation support and this need cannot be met by current external resources (Care Agency, Domiciliary Care, District Nurses or a combination) or by relatives/carers.

Complex Delayed Discharges are defined as patient’s originally admitted as acute cases and whose discharge has been delayed due to numerous factors (housing, social reasons, community support, long-term rehabilitation). Many of these patients become long-stay as transfer out of the hospital setting is delayed for reasons often outside GHA’s control (e.g. access to a residential bed).

Download the St.Bernard’s Hospital bed stock list below:

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Bed Stock List at St Bernard’s as of April 2013