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Hospital Facilities

St. Bernard’s Hospital provides the following facilities for visitors, inpatients and outpatients.

All inpatients shall be provided with an appropriate diet including breakfast, lunch and dinner and have access to pantry provisions on request. Other items such as personal belongings security bags, hygiene supplies and overnight clothing may be supplied on request.
For further information on inpatient nutrition contact the Nutrition and Dietetics Department or the Catering Services Facility.
The hospital has an on site commercially run restaurant facility located on Level 2, Zone 3 open from 08:00 to 20:00 daily. The restaurant is open to the general public, staff and patients.

Inpatient Facilities
Patients staying at St.Bernard’s Hospital shall be provided, where possible, with a patient entertainment system with TV and Radio, access to Wifi (where possible), a bedside telephone for incoming calls only and a private bedside locker. Towels, personal hygiene cleaning products and other items are also available on request.

There are several public coin operated payphones and coin operated vending machines within the hospital.

Garden and courtyard areas are also available to be enjoyed by patients

There is a Roman Catholic Chapel located within the Basement, Zone 1 and Nondenominational reflection rooms are available.

Hospital Attendants are on duty to provide assistance and are located at the hospital Main Entrance.