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MyGHA Automated Phone System – Appointment  booking made simple

NEW – Primary Care Evening Clinics


(1) A GP Appointment (via Primary Care) Click here for more information.
(2) A Consultant Appointment (via Secondary Care or Mental Health referral)

Outpatient appointments scheduling is now possible from all outpatient clinics, Main Reception and Records Department providing an enhanced service to the public. This has been possible due to EMIS, a new electronic appointments system introduced in the Primary Care Centre and FrontDesk that has also been introduced very successfully at St Bernard’s Hospital. This has given us the opportunity to be able to follow patients’ history from primary to secondary care.

This system is controlled by designated administrators in both Primary Care Centre and St. Bernard’s Hospital and levels of authorisation are allocated accordingly to all users.

The booking of outpatient consultant clinics follows GP referral or direct referral by consultant follow up either outpatient or inpatient activity.

With the introduction of Clinic Clerks, booking of appointments is a task that is now shared by all outpatient clinics each discipline booking their relevant appointments. Records Department continue to support all clinics in the appointments process and are also responsible for booking clinics for all

Visiting Specialties
The management of the appointments system, Front Desk still remains under the responsibility of Corporate Services.

For further information contact:

St.Bernard’s Hospital Outpatient Appointments: Tel: +350 200 79700 or 200 72266

Primary Care Centre Appointment: Tel: +350 200 52441

Cancel an Appointment
Please assist the Gibraltar Health Authority by cancelling any appointments you will not be able to make by notifying us on Tel: +350 200 43331 or through the website by clicking here.