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Sponsored Patients Unit

The Sponsored Patient Department forms part of the Medical Directorate of the Gibraltar Health Authority. The department continues to see an increased trend in the number of patients being referred to various UK and Spanish centres for tertiary treatments.

Sponsored Patients attending UK

Coming to London for Medical Treatments and staying at Calpe House

Calpe House Info please click on this link


Patients travelling to SPAIN  please click on this link

Patients travelling to UK please click on this link

Traveling to Calpe House in isolation period

Relatives at VITHAS Xanit

Vithas Patient Information

Genesis Care  Radiotherapy patients only Contact Details

Telephone Number: 0044648128974

Sponsored Patients Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Direct Line: +350  200 76423

Fax:+350 200 48156

Emergency on Call: +350 200 79700 or +350 200 72266 (Ask to bleep Sponsored Patients)