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Secondary Care Out Patient Appointments

Prior to 2005 secondary care Out Patient appointments were all booked from the Records Department either by phone or the main counter. Appointments were kept in paper diaries which later developed into excel based spread sheets for all disciplines.

Today appointments scheduling is now possible from all outpatient clinics, Main Reception and Records Department providing an enhanced service to the public. This has been possible due to a new electronic appointments system introduced in the Primary Care Centre and which has also been introduced very successfully at St Bernard’s Hospital. This has given administration the opportunity to be able to follow patients’ history from primary to secondary care.

This system is controlled by designated administrators in both Primary Care Centre and St Bernard’s Hospital and levels of authorisation are allocated accordingly to all users.

With the introduction of Clinic Clerks within wards and clinics, booking of appointments is a task that is now shared by all outpatient clinics with each discipline booking their relevant appointments.

The Records Department continue to support all clinics in the appointments process and are also responsible for booking clinics for all Visiting Specialities.

Patient Records and Appointments are responsible for:

• Receiving referral requests by letter/fax
• Acknowledging receipt of request by entering in referral data base
• Booking the outpatient appointment after letter has been prioritised by consultant
• Informing the patient
• Retrieval and delivering the patient records for the scheduled appointment.
• Answering and dealing with appointment queries, alterations and cancellations from the patient directly or by telephone

You can view or download the St. Bernard’s Hospital Out Patient Clinics below:
PDF Icon Small  Secondary Care Out Patient Clinics