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Mental Health Care Services

Mental Health Support Numbers

The Gibraltar Health Authority would like to take this opportunity to remind members of the general public, who require advice and support on any mental health issues, that they can do so by either, requesting referral by their general practitioner, or by contacting one of the following numbers:

Community Mental Health Team at Coaling island, between the hours of 8am to 5pm, for advice and support. Tel: 20042307/20041659;

Approved Mental Health Professionals at the Primary Care Centre, between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm for advice and support. Tel: 20007831;

For any Emergencies after 5pm on weekdays, and at any time in the day on weekends and public holidays, please contact our on-call team composed of a Mental Welfare Officer, Consultant Psychiatrist, qualified nurse and nurse manager on Tel: 20007831.

Alternatively, Clubhouse Gibraltar is open Mondays to Fridays and can be contacted on Tel 20068423 or by email at [email protected].

GibSams charity helpline is open Mondays to Fridays from 4:00 pm to midnight and 7:00pm until midnight on Saturdays and Sundays. GibSams can be reached on Tel: 116123.

The Gibraltar Mental Welfare Society can also be contacted regarding any concerns about a mental health related issue and their e-mail addresses are [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected].

Children and young people, or adults that have concerns about them, can reach Childline, daily from 5pm to 9pm via Freephone on 8008, WhatsApp 58008288 or Livechat, via www.childline.gi.  You can also reach Childline by email on [email protected].

In the event of a person experiencing a mental health crisis, they can call the above numbers and/or present to the Accident & Emergency Department at St Bernard’s Hospital, where they will be triaged and assessed by the relevant clinicians.


Ocean Views Mental Health Facility

Our main aim has been to design a facility and an approach that is welcoming, homely, safe and fit for purpose whilst ensuring to address all the needs of our community.

Ocean Views is a 52-beded state-of-the-art modern facility designed by the Mental Health multidisciplinary team in partnership with service users, carers and support groups; it has been built specifically with our patients needs at the center of all the decisions’ taken.

The treatment philosophy adopted by Ocean Views reflects a holistic approach, in the diversity of its therapeutic programs. The new treatment programs introduced are comprehensive and based on a recovery model approach; as many of the patients treated demonstrate difficulties in a variety of life’s circumstances. Therefore, our programs have been designed to comprehensively address factors of emotional well-being, social functioning, educational level, environmental influences, and familial issues in a therapeutic milieu where safety and security are paramount.

Ocean Views Mental health Facility is composed of:

Sky Ward ( Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit – PICU)

The PICU is a five bedded Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit located on the 2nd floor, within this area there are 3 close observation rooms with en suite facilities, 2 seclusion rooms and a Multi-Functional self-contained suite.
The PICU is an area specifically for patients whose mental health condition requires them to be treated in an environment of therapeutic security for a brief period of time. The unit provides supportive, individualised care for those whose acute episode of mental illness is resulting in disturbed behaviour that requires a safe specialist environment.

Multi-Functional suite: (MFS)

The MFS is composed of two single rooms sharing communal areas. The purpose of this completely independent suite is to provide a safe and secure environment to care for patients, who for specific reasons are unable to be nursed on the main acute admissions ward. These patients may include children or adolescents, vulnerable adults, mothers and baby or forensic cases.

Horizon Ward: (Acute admissions ward)

This ward offers a comfortable and safe environment for adults with acute mental illness that require assessment and treatment. Our X13 bedded unit functions as an acute admissions ward catering for male and female clients within 5 single and 4 double rooms. The team is committed to offering care and treatment within an inpatient setting that respects and allows treatment to occur in the least restrictive manner possible. The team encourage and promote independence, self-esteem and personal choice as far as is deemed possible and encourage the patients to take an active role in planning their own care.

Dawn Ward (Rehabilitation ward)

Some patients suffering from enduring mental illness can often find returning to the community a very difficult and distressing process. A medium and longer term rehabilitation plan has been developed in order to provide a treatment intervention and care package to assist patient’s re-integration into society. Patients can become de-skilled in carrying out aspects of daily living activities and may require a period of training or retraining to feel more competent in such activities. Our new rehabilitation unit enables and facilitates the process through more comprehensive assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of individualised care packages and care co-ordination to meet patient’s needs.

X13 bedded unit (4 single, X4 double and x1 high dependency bedroom with full en suite facilities)

Rockside Flats (X2 Male & Female Rehabilitation Flats)

The rehabilitation flats linked to Dawn ward have been designed to assist patients achieve independent living. They are two purpose built residential flats for up to 7 adults suffering from mental illness, they operate on the basis of single gender occupancy. The flats offer communal sitting area, kitchen and bathroom. The rehabilitation program provides individuals with assistance in improving interpersonal and daily living skills, which will lead to living in a less-structured environment.

Flat 1 offers x3 single rooms, Flat 2 offers X2 single and I double room (with X2 single beds).

Sunshine Ward (Elderly Mentally Ill (EMI) ward)
The EMI has been designed to cater for 2 specific areas for old age patients. It offers; X4 assessment beds where patient’s mental states can be assessed and diagnosed, X10 beds for longer term patients who fall into the Elderly Mentally Ill category, (these are patients who have symptoms of a Dementia type illness and also have residual psychotic symptoms).
X 14 bedded unit (X7 double rooms)

The ARC (The Activity and rehabilitation centre)
Is composed by a team of occupational therapy and nursing staff, their main aims are the assessment and development of personalised programs in partnership with the Mental Health Multi-disciplinary team. This service offers both in and out patients support in learning new skills depending on the patient’s specific needs. The ARC also offer facilities for patients to engage in a variety of events, outings, activities, personalised work or groups covering a wide range of interests e.g. arts & crafts, photography, IT skills, gardening, cooking, pamper groups relaxation sessions etc.

Community Mental Health Team

The community Mental Health Team (CMHT) is based at Coaling Island in a very welcoming and therapeutic environment, the department has recently undergone extensive renovations and expansion.

The team is composed by a number of health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, community psychiatric nurses, social workers and occupational therapists) all working in partnership with the common goal of supporting patients living in the community, who are experiencing complex or serious mental health problems.

The CMHT offer a multitude of services, including home visits, In-reach/outreach support, drop-in facilities, group work sessions, a variety of Nursing/Psychiatric/Psychological clinics, and it is the main referral point for all mental health cases.

Ocean Views Telephone Extensions

Important – Mental Health Contacts and Crisis Line

The Gibraltar Health Authority would like to take this opportunity to remind Members of the general public who require advice and support on any mental health issues can do so by either requesting referral by their general practitioner or by contacting one of the following numbers;

Community Mental Health Team: at Coaling island is open between the hours of 8am to 5pm for advice and support. Tel: 20042307/20041659

The Mental Welfare Office: at Primary care is open between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm for advice and support. Tel: 20007831,

For any Emergencies: after 5pm, weekends and public holidays please contact our on-call team composed of a Mental Welfare officer, consultant psychiatrist, qualified nurse and nurse manager on Tel: 20007831.

Alternatively any person experiencing a mental health crisis can present to the Accident & Emergencies department in St Bernard’s hospital where they will be triaged and assessed.