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Finance & Procurement

Finance Section

Located across various levels of the Hospital building, the Directorate is responsible for the provision of Finance related service support and the provision of statistics to all Directorates of the GHA within SBH, PCC & MHF.

The office is located on Level 6, Zone 1, St Bernard’s Hospital.

Counter Opening Times – Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm

Contact No. 20072266 Ext. 2051 / 2052

The value of the Accounts generated for the GHA, for the year ended 31 March 2016 was approximately £112M against a budget of £104M.

The Finance Department is responsible for the following;

• The Compilation of the whole organisations Estimates submissions.
• Preparation of Control of Expenditure Reports & Cash Flow Management
• Bi-Weekly distribution of Financial Information Reports to all Directorates, This includes information on Expenditure, extract of Trail balance, Commitments Reports & Overtime Reports.
• Variance Reporting & Forecast Outturn
• Preparation of Parliamentary Questions
• Mod Invoicing
• Systems Administrator for MS Dynamics GP
• Maintenance of Vote books for all Directorates
• Corporate Governance

Accounts Departments

The office is located on Level 6, Zone 1, St Bernard’s Hospital.

Counter Opening Times – Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm

The Accounts Section deals with all physical Revenue within the GHA, with establishing patient’s entitlement and invoicing where appropriate in accordance with the Hospital Rules 2006 and GPMS Act.

Contact No. 20072266 Ext. 2056 / 2057

More specific duties are:-

•Compiling records of Visitors to hospital for emergency treatment and invoicing for submission of claim to Department of Health as well as collection of fees for non-entitled patients not covered by any agreements.
•Daily collection of revenue for:
pharmaceutical goods
copies of medical notes
deposits for patient appliances
• Collection of the coin boxes both from SBH and the MHF.
• Optical policy entitlement for both Pensioners and under 16’s and any associated revenue collection. (Online Statistics on the uptake of services offered under the policies.)
• Processing and recording of all incoming mail.
• Administration of the financial aspects of the MOD Secondary Health Care Agreement and monthly record of relevant statistics of all MOD patients attending A&E, admissions, radiology work undertaken, laboratory tests and associated fees for reporting and billing purposes.
• Processing of all courier services used in St Bernard’s for invoicing purposes.
• Reimbursement to patients of deposits paid for patient appliances, spectacles and oxygen regulators.
• Recording, monitoring and follow up of all arrears of revenue. Arrears of Revenue Report.
• Maintain a register of all LPO and Receipt books issued to the Records Department and Primary Care Centre.

The Accounts team works closely with most Departments within the GHA as well as other sections within the Finance Directorate.

Payroll Section

The Payroll Unit provides all payroll support and runs the payroll operation, compiling an average of 1500 monthly salaries.

The department processes Salaries for all GHA approved complement posts, Contract for Services posts, Visiting Consultants and Locum covers together with ECA nursing staff.

The Office is Located on Level 3, Zone 1, St Bernard’s Hospital

Counter Opening Times – General Queries – Monday – Friday 9pm – 3pm

Payment of Weekly Wages – Counter Opening Hours – Friday 11.45am – 1.45pm
Mondays 11.00am – 12.00pm

Contact No. 20072266 Ext. 2068 / 2069

• The Payroll section needs to adhere monthly, to very strict deadlines and routines to ensure delivery of payroll on the due dates and strives to provide the best service possible in the preparation of salaries and the many other diverse duties such as:
• Maintaining of sick leave records for all GHA/ECA staff, including adjustments to salaries when necessary and preparation of notice letters when an employee enters into half pay/no pay or has used up their USL concession. Also the informing of overpayments to employees reference sick leave and the chasing up of pending sick cover for long term sick.
•Entering and checking off duties for all nursing staff (GHA and ECA), liaising with nurse management and ECA reference continuous discrepancies in shift patterns, to ensure all records are entered accurately and correctly.
• Calculations of overtimes/substitutions for clerical, medical and posts allied to medicine staff.
• Cross checking all salaries against their relevant advice slips/timesheets for all departments to ensure accuracy.
• Preparation of manual payments of salaries payments outside the usual monthly run.
• Attending to queries/concerns received at the counter daily as well as over the phone.
• Entering of all part-time hours worked by part-timers onto their service forms on a monthly basis.
• On retirement of an employee, the salaries section provides Human Resources with completed part-time service forms if relevant as well as payment screens, sick records and grades and salaries to which the employee has been entitled to for the completion of their pension and gratuity forms. The completion of a part time service form sees officers having to go to GOG stores in new harbours, retrieve historic information and establish hours paid.
• We also revise pensions of any employee who has retired and has been entitled to a pay review and/or pensionable allowances. This is calculated by us and also provided to Human Resources.
• If an overpayment occurs, we follow the procedure in place to recover these monies. We liaise with the employee, agree on a set amount in which they want to pay back, open relevant advance accounts and prepare Journal Vouchers to account for this recovery. This is reconciled with our accounts department on a monthly basis.
• Printing and sorting of payslips into relevant departments/Sections/Wards.
• Preparation of all manual payments relating to Locums and visiting consultants. This includes the preparation of a chart of accounts, analytical accounting and individual payslips.
• Preparation of gratuity payments
• The ambulance workers contribute to their pensions from AXA. We ensure that they are being deducted the amounts as per AXA’s request plus reconcile this with our accounts department and the Treasury department on a monthly basis.
• Industrial Employees – The salaries section is required to individually check all timesheets. Enter and update all sick leave records and include all adjustments and omissions if necessary. We also keep an updated record of all part-time hours worked, supply workers as well as employees who have worked for less than three years. Lastly, we separate all pay packets into cash and bank, count the money received and allocated them to their pertaining packet. We pay these out at the counter on Fridays and Mondays.
• Reconciliation of staff compliment with Human Resources on a monthly basis.
• Salaries related reports extracted from Morph at any point in which this is required.
• Salaries Estimates.
• All administrative duties such as filing, photocopying, and shredding.

Payments Section

The Payment section’s main function is to prepare and process all documentation, following Standing Financial Instructions, required for the Treasury Department to make physical payment to all GHA Suppliers.

The office is located on Level 6, Zone 1, St Bernard’s Hospital.
Counter Opening Times – Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm
Contact No. 20072266 Ext. 2057 / 2050

• The section has strict daily and monthly deadlines that need to be met to comply with timely payment requirements as directed by the Governments Treasury Department.
• The section operates using Great Plains, a specialised Microsoft Dynamics computerised accounting software package, where all payables and receivables are logged, as well as necessary data required by management to assist in the analysing and controlling the GHA’s recurrent and capital expenditure throughout the financial year.
• The computerised system provides the main source of financial data for the organization, and is used by the payments team to provide reports to all Directors, Senior Managers and Budget holders and Devolved Budget holders on a monthly basis and on request.
• Over 15,500 Invoices are processed by the team within a year. (Average of 3,528 Invoices paid per month)
• A Total of Approx. 6000 Payment Vouchers were distributed to the Treasury Department in FY15/16. ( Approx. 500 per month)
• Accounts are reconciled against Treasury accounts on a monthly basis in order to maintain adequate controls of expenditure and revenue accounts to ensure accountability.

The GHA’s Annual budget comprises of the following accounts;

• 51 Expenditure accounts Pay related, Recurrent and Capital Accounts.
• 4 Revenue Accounts
• 31 Advance Accounts
• 8 Deposit Accounts

All GHA Accounts are Reconciled against the Treasury Department’s central Government system on a monthly basis and any variances, misallocations or errors are investigated and amended as required.

The payments team also maintains a strong working liaison with the Accounts, Salaries and Procurement sections within the Finance Directorate as well as with other areas of the GHA.

Stores Department

The office is located on the basement, St Bernard’s Hospital.
Counter Opening Times – Monday – Thursday 9am – 12:30pm & 2:00pm – 4:00pm Friday 9:00am – 12:30pm & 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Contact No. 20072266 Ext. 2372

• Dispensing of all incontinence items to outpatients, patient relatives or ERS representatives
• Dispensing of general medical items to outpatients or patient relatives i.e. CPAP masks, oxygen masks, nebuliser masks, home oxygen regulators and the renewal of oxygen related consumables, gloves, enteral feeding syringes and uridomes
• Emergency general stock items to GHA wards and departments
• Provision of general stock items to public sector essential services i.e. Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service and HM Prison
• Acceptance of all GHA deliveries from suppliers, freight forwarders and couriers

Procurement Department

The office is located on Level 6, Zone 1, St Bernard’s Hospital.
Counter Opening Times – Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm
Contact No. 20072266 Ext. 2010 / 2050

• Stamping of commercial invoices from suppliers, freight forwarders and couriers, for customs exception services
• Visits from interested and present suppliers
• Visits from GHA staff from wards and departments for requesting of quotes and assistance with placing orders and for submitting documentation relating to invoices and procurement request forms
•Visits from budget holders for authorisation of pending orders and invoices