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Corporate Services

The Directorate of Corporate Services is the second largest directorate within the GHA. With over 200 staff, it accounts for nearly 20% of the entire GHA workforce.

The Directorate’s mandate is to support the delivery of GHA’s core objectives, helping to improve and maintain the quality of care, the environment and the facilities within which care is provided for the service users.

The Directorate is composed of a multidisciplinary team delivering a wide range of professional and technical services for the GHA.

It is responsible for the following areas:
• Front of House Reception & Call-Centre
• Hospital Attendants & Messengers
• Vehicle Maintenance & Management
• Catering Services Facility
• Cafeteria Services
• External Stores and Premises
• Estates Maintenance & Minor Works
• Domestic Services, including Heavy Cleaning and Labouring Duties
• Laundry Services, including Linen Distribution & Seamstress Service
• Removal of Clinical Waste & Refuse
• Security & Landscaping Services