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Bowel Screening


Bowel Cancer is the 3rd most common type of cancer. The Bowel Screening programme can detect polyps, which may develop into cancer in the future. The early detection and treatment (if necessary) or polyps, can prevent Bowel Cancer from developing.

In other countries, evidence suggests that bowel screening uptake is lowest in areas with high socioeconomic deprivation or high ethnic diversity, and among some religious groups where people are less engaged with the healthcare system. More data analysis is needed in order to establish whether similar patterns apply to the Gibraltarian population and screening trends. Further data will be published in due course providing information into activity of the bowel screening program in the next phase of the JSNA.

If you receive a Bowel Screening test kit, it is important to participate. Screening is offered to all men and women aged 60 and 74 years. For more information on this programme please contact the Screening Office : 20007025.

Instructional guide for GHA Bowel Screening Test Kit

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