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Screening Services

The following screening programmes are routinely provided to the population by the public health service in Gibraltar:

Pregnant women
· Anaemia
· Asymptomatic bacteriuria
· Blood Group
· Rhesus D status
· Red cell autoantibodies
· Hepatitis B
· Rubella Immunity
· Syphilis
· Gestational diabetes

· Foetal anomalies (20th week Ultrasound scan)
· Neural tube defects (20th week Ultrasound scan)

· Cystic fibrosis
· MCADD (Medium chain acyl coA deficiency)
· Phenylketonuria
· Hypothyroidism

· Cervical Cancer
· Breast Cancer
· Colon Cancer Screening
· Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening (AAA)

For further information contact the Public Health Office or the Pathology Services Department.