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Diagnostic Imaging Services

The Radiology Department provides a clinical service for patients of all ages. The Radiology department collaborates with our clinical colleagues in virtually all specialties to review patient care and share clinical expertise through a multidisciplinary approach.

The Department consists of a team of Radiographers, Radiologists, administrative staff and aides who are together responsible for the acquisition and interpretation of images for specific parts of the body or specific diseases.

The diagnostic service also includes interventional procedures such as image-guided biopsies. Therapeutic interventions such as image-guided drainage of abscesses are also offered.


  • Installation of a new 128-slice CT scanner with the latest dose reduction technology. This has led to a significant reduction in radiation doses and has increased the range of studies we can perform locally. We are now able to provide a modern CT Angiography service and have improved the quality of the 3D CT Colonography capabilities which have enhanced the colon cancer screening programme.
  • In early 2014, a change was introduced in the breast screening programme – the breast screening mammogram interval was changed to two years for all women between 40–70 year olds. This was prompted by a thorough review of the existing programme and means a more targeted service. Ladies over the age of 70 can still actively opt to participate in the programme.
  • A familial breast cancer screening clinic has also been established. This identifies higher than normal risk individuals who may qualify the criteria for more regular breast screening. This service also identifies ladies eligible for genetic testing.
  • An abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) screening programme has been established in collaboration with the Public Health Department and clinical work commenced in May 2015. The programme aims to reduce AAA-related mortality among men aged 65 and over. A simple painless ultrasound test is performed to detect AAAs and the results are provided straight away.
  • Our Radiology information system was upgraded in June 2016. The new system is called CRIS and is provided by HSS UK.  This system is used within the majority of radiology departments in the UK. And in conjunction with our Picture Archiving System (PACS)
    • Allows for electronic requesting, bookings etc.
    • Allows access at remote locations
    • Provide secure login accounts to users from anywhere anytime worldwide.
    • Incorporates a voice recognition dictation system
    • Allows x-ray images to be viewed within seconds.
    • Has a time- line function showing the reporting status of all x-rays.