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Practice Development

Practice Development is a continuous process of improvement towards increased effectiveness in patient centred care, through the enabling of nurses and healthcare teams to transform the culture and context of care. It is enabled and supported by facilitators committed to a systematic rigorous continuous process of emancipatory change.

The programme is based on the following concepts:

• Multidisciplinary, collaborative team work
• A culture of life long learning
• Open communication
• Patient focused services
• Staff empowerment
• Patient empowerment
• Education and training
• Continuous and rigorous quality evaluation and audit
• Research and development
• Sharing of vision and philosophy
• Innovative practice
• Dissemination of findings
• Working must be flexible
• Accountability
• Evidence based practice
• Staff must feel ownership of ideas

Dignity & Respect Campaign

It is imperative that service users are at all times treated with dignity and respect. This is fundamental to all aspects of the health services. The stories of service users are heard and taken into account. Unfortunately, there are times when these stories may suggest that sometimes their experience may have lacked the dignity and respect expected of the service.

The Practice Development Team is working hard to improve Dignity in Care at all levels. This has included: Working around identified issues (e.g. using patient stories and personal experiences in nursing with direct feedback to the professionals)

Working with staff creating awareness around the subject, and using this in the four day Dignity Awareness training.


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